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You started your horse business to work with horses.  By letting me do the time sucking bookkeeping part of your business you will have more time to enjoy the horses.

**The highlighted and underlined links are google sheets and are public.  These are samples of what I will send you to fill out when you are ready for services.


Setup -

  • The first item is your list of clients and horses including address, email and phone numbers. I made a google doc that should make this process easy. Please indicate the preferred invoice delivery.  (email or USPS)  Clients & horses form.** If you have an excel worksheet or already have them in quickbook please send me those. To get current balances, payments and interest rates forward  a copy of the last 2 bank statements, credit card statements and loan statements. To get an accurate inventory and average expense of hay, grain and shavings please fill out the stable expense form.  To get an accurate picture of your stable please complete the Stable Setup Information form.**

  • After you approve, I will forward a welcome email to your clients letting them know what to expect. (Timing of invoices and my contact information for questions.)

Two forms to send me monthly -

  • Each month you will need to forward your Invoicing Sheet.** (sample)  This sheet shares what to invoice each horse and owner with a simple click. I will send you an open invoices sheet each month.  This sheet shows your customers invoices.  There are spaces for you to fill in the check number and amount as well as the deposit date.  I use the deposit date to reconcile the deposits each month.  Completed Open Invoices Sheet   I will also need a PDF of your bank statements and credit card statements and so I can record and reconcile the expenses and payments.  If you are comfortable with sharing your banking and credit card passwords I can simply download them without you needing to do anything.  The first month or so, you will have to help me with account numbering the expenses. Recommended account numbering.  You can simply take a picture of your check register with the account numbers added to the payee line and text it to me so I can enter these expenses.

  • After receiving these forms, I will prepare invoices, bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations and the profit and lost statement. Sample Report    Sample Balances

  • Your customers will receive invoices via email or USPS as normal and you will deposit the checks as normal.

  • If you numerous bills to pay each month and prefer to have me draft checks for bills I can discuss with you how that can be accomplished also.

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